Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introduction and start of Entwined Vines

Tammy and I, Tina, have been working slowly at creating our amazing handcrafted jewelry business and have been loving the work and challenges while still treasuring all of our moments to sneak off and be creative. It is interesting filling the challenge of balance while staying energized about turning a hobby into a business. We both have spent most of our lives doing crafty types of things and gifting them to family and friends or adding pieces to our already large collections of wearable art. After awhile we realized we enjoy making things more than we have opportunity to wear or gift and decided to create Entwined Vines Jewelry. So far we have set a few things out in a booth at and event here in Portland, Oregon as well as sent several pieces to a Gallery in Seaside, Oregon. Recently we decided to expand and add an online aspect with artfire and have had to learn a TON of stuff we never though we would need to know to post online but it has been fun although there are parts that we seem to still be struggling with. We read as much as we can to keep learning and expanding while trying to not loose touch with the part that started us on our path; the jewelry. The colors, the textures, even the mediums all draw us and we want to never loose that.

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