Thursday, August 26, 2010

Procrastination -- What's your take?

Procrastination, yep you read it correctly, that's my blog topic today.

See normally I am a take charge, get in and get things done kind of woman. However, every now and then the procrastination gene takes over, like it has today. Doesn't matter what I try and do, there conveniently is always something more important (distracting is more like it) that I just have to do. Leaving the one thing that I absolutely must get done to the last possible moment.

Take today for example: I was up early enough to write my blog before starting work (the corp. job that is), yet I didn't even turn the computer on. Nope had to do the dishes, move the outside trash can away from the house, clean out my purse, straighten a cupboard (I haven't been into that cupboard in 2 weeks.), etc. Using up all my time to write and publish my blog, oh darn.

What I would like to know is, who else out there is brave enough to admit to suffering from the procrastination bug?

Better yet, who is willing and brave enough to share (online for the world to see) their best procrastination story and the chaos it created?

Looking forward to reading all of your comments!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Fires of Life -- Artisans Secrets

Have you ever wondered where all of these artisans grab their inspiration from? Do you think it is a never ending well of creativity they have? Well as an artisan I can tell you, while there are days that the creativity seems to flow seamlessly, most days not so much. We artisans struggle just as much as you do to find our inspiration, our creativity, our motivation and so forth. Whether it be in our art or our daily lives.

But we have a secret and I am going to share it with you.

See we artistic types appear to always have inspiration, because we look for it everywhere.

That's it, that's the big secret.

See finding inspiration doesn't have to be hard. It is a matter of looking for it everywhere.

I tend to take a more elemental approach, for me nature and the natural world are a never ending source of inspiration.

Take fire for instance. Think about the power and energy that goes into the creation, the oxygen required to maintain the flame. Yes, it is destructive, but there is power and beauty in that as well. For me a simple roaring camp fire is enough to inspire the creativity and motivate me to do. Fire is life, and every one's life should be on Fire.

At Entwined Vines we very much celebrate life by creating pieces that represent the elements around us that inspire us. This last week we extended that creative process, to curate collections from various artists whom have created pieces that inspired us personally.

Please check them out and leave us comments on what you think? Tell us what in them, inspires you personally?

Ice is Nice

Elements of Fire

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goals & Accomplishments

It is going to be short and sweet today...

Here at Entwined Vines this last week and a half has been extremely busy.
Yet, we sit, taking a moment and looking back at what we have accomplished with a sense of wonderment. We re-committed ourselves to our business recently. In doing so we have started a 45 day success plan and are sticking with it. It is a lot of work, however the pay off will be reaching our goals, both lour ong term and short term.

A couple of items you might be interested in that we have accomplished this week:

Set up our Twitter account, with the intent of keeping you up to date on the business, some personal and lots of fun stuff.

We posted our 100Th item,Floating Orbs in Seafoam, yeah us!

While it has been a challenge to stay on task, having goals in mind, has helped us. To stay focused without loosing our creative time, family time, or personal down time.

I know for me there are times in my life that I struggle to remember the goals I have set for myself, much less work on them... So I ask you

How do you all handle working towards your goals? What success stories do you have and would like to share?

Life is an Adventure, are You Living yours...

Haven't made a sale yet, but the week isn't over and I am hopeful.