Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goals & Accomplishments

It is going to be short and sweet today...

Here at Entwined Vines this last week and a half has been extremely busy.
Yet, we sit, taking a moment and looking back at what we have accomplished with a sense of wonderment. We re-committed ourselves to our business recently. In doing so we have started a 45 day success plan and are sticking with it. It is a lot of work, however the pay off will be reaching our goals, both lour ong term and short term.

A couple of items you might be interested in that we have accomplished this week:

Set up our Twitter account, with the intent of keeping you up to date on the business, some personal and lots of fun stuff.

We posted our 100Th item,Floating Orbs in Seafoam, yeah us!

While it has been a challenge to stay on task, having goals in mind, has helped us. To stay focused without loosing our creative time, family time, or personal down time.

I know for me there are times in my life that I struggle to remember the goals I have set for myself, much less work on them... So I ask you

How do you all handle working towards your goals? What success stories do you have and would like to share?

Life is an Adventure, are You Living yours...

Haven't made a sale yet, but the week isn't over and I am hopeful.

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