Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebration Give Away Update! & Holiday Shopping

So far no one has left a comment to enter our Celebration Give Away!

There is still time, it doesn't end until Noon (PST) on Friday September the 17th.

Kinda of bummed I have no winners to announce. So instead I am going to talk about collections & how you can use them to ease your holiday shopping.

Entwined Vines has been and is busy curating collections from different artisans on Artfire. Each collection features 12 items that have something in common and have been hand selected by us. Whether it be color, item, element, theme or style or simply because we liked it.

You might be asking yourself if this isn't counter productive to being a shop owner? No, it really isn't, because we know not everyone on your list is going to match with something we have for sale in our shop. Even better I am finding the more I create collections, the more it is feeding my creative inspiration and motivation.

With every one's time at a premium and with the holidays right around the corner; Collections are a great way to do one stop Holiday shopping for mom, dad, sister, your best friend or anyone else on your list. A gift from one of our collections will be more personal as they are handmade. Not to mention you can avoid the traffic and headache of mall shopping (always a bonus in my book).

To assist you in getting started we went thru and chose our six favorite collections from the our current collection inventory that we have personally curated.

You may be asking yourself what about birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or baby showers? Collections work well for that type of gift shopping as well.

Let us know what you think of our collections, we love to hear from you...

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