Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celebration Give Away

Yeah! Entwined Vines is six months old.

Ok, not really, but we plan on partying for the entire month, right up until we turn six on the 25th of September.

That said, we are kicking off our celebration by Giving Away a piece of jewelry!

One lucky person will win a unique, one of a kind custom made braided bracelet!

This personalized piece will be custom created in your choice of colors* using Parawire, and to your size specifications. You will also be able to choose your very own design from one of the two distinct braided patterns, shown below.

Option One: This piece was handmade, a loose four strand braid over a mandrel.
Bracelet Woven Wire
Handwoven wire bracelet, patter known as Viking Knit.

Option Two: This piece was handmade, braiding six lengths of wire together.

Wire Bracelet, Braided with a two color combination
Two Tone Braided Wire Bracelet

To be eligible for entry in the Bracelet Give Away, there are two things you must do:

1.) You must be a follower of our blog. Hint--you can be a new follower :-)

2.) Leave us a comment on what your favorite type & style of jewelry is. Meaning what you tend to wear the most of. Be it bracelets, earrings, necklaces, Viking Knit, pendants, etc.

Entries must be submitted by
Friday at noon (PST) on September the 17th.
The winner will be chosen, using a random drawing and announced in our blog. So how easy was that?

But wait a minute, didn't I mention we were partying because we are turning 6 months old? Yep, I sure did. In addition to our main give away, there are going to be random winners chosen.

But were not telling yet, how they are being chosen, you are just going to have to check back with us to find out. It might have something to do with six. We could be giving away a ring or a bracelet or something. You just never know when we might be giving away hints or announcing winners!!!

*Parawire Color Options:
Burgundy, green, seafoam, peacock, baby blue, pacific blue, blue, amethyst, lavender, purple, fuchsia, hot pink, magenta, black, amber, rose gold, night glow, silver plated--non tarnish, vintage, orange, yellow, peridot, gun metal

Please note: Parawire is constantly adding and removing colors. While we do attempt to keep apprised of changes and keep listed colors in stock, wire color is subject to availability.*

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