Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Motivation and How Critism can Derail it!!!

Let's start with a couple of definitions: (Quoting from Webster's Dictionary)
1.) one who expresses a reasoned opinion on any matter involving a judgment of its value, truth, or righteousness, an appreciaton of works of art.
2.) one given to harsh or captious judgement
1.) inclined to critize severly and unfavorably
1.) the act of criticizing, usually unfavorably
2.) the art of evaluating or analyzing with knowledge and propriety especially works of art or literature.
1.) to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly
2.) to stress the faults
1.) an act of criticizing.
You lost yet?? I promise to connect the dots!
We have been so busy, promoting, creating new jewelry, prepping for our blog Giveaway next week, planning marketing strategy, and reviewing potential events. The list could go on and on, but I won't bore you with details of our daily business lives. Just trying to create a picture in your head to give you an idea of the power and motivaton behind our steps.
Motivation is like a run away train. When you are doing things that build on each other, it builds the momentum. Once you have enough momentum, the ball starts rolling and there is no stopping you, just like a run away train. Now that is where Tina and I have been with Entwined Vines for the last couple of weeks. Thought we had everything dialed in and we were letting that built up momentum, continue to build and power us forward.
However, Entwined Vines hit that point every business does. Where the creators are too close to see clearly what steps they might have missed.
So we asked for a review with a constructive critic feedback.
Now we market our products on-line thru Artfire, and there are so many helpful tools, guides and people, its fantastic. So this was the obvious spot for us to make our request.
While it was a needed step and we are very appreciative of the time they took. We have found that our Motivation Train has been derailed. Its off the track so far it is lost, yes we are still working, but we are both feeling like we have wasted the last several months and are starting over at square one. We know the steps we need to take are important and were doing them!
So here are my humble tips of advice, from my own personal life experiences:
1.) Be careful what you ask for , you might not be as prepared for the critism as you think you are.
2.) If you are the one who is responding to a request for a critic review. Be cautious that whether the review point is valid or not, you aren't continuing a critical review just because you can!
Be aware of how others have responded, if your privy to that information. And acknowledge, to yourself at least, the work they have done to improve. If there obviously working on it, ask yourself if your comments are going to add any beneficial information or if it is going to be covering the same ground others covered.
I would love to hear from you all on!!!
How you get yourself back on the motivation train, when you've been derailed?

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