Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping for the Geeks in your Life: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Let's face it Christmas shopping for the geeks in our lives is never easy.   Either are budgets are not big enough to accommodate the toys they are after or, like me, I am so far from being a geek that I haven't a clue what to get them.   Trying to make it personal with a handmade gift adds another challenge when trying to find the perfect gift for the geeks we love.

However there is hope, Tina and I researched and pulled together a list of gifts that are sure to please:

A few ideas for mainstream holiday gifts for geeks:
1.)  USB thumb/flash drives
2.)  Multiple gadget charging station for the techno geek
3.)  MP3 player with case
4.)  Noise canceling headphones
5.)  IPad

Handmade holiday gift giving is totally possible for the geeks in your life; check out the collection below that we curated on ArtFire.    These talented artists in this collection did a fabulous job of creating unique, but hip items for the geek.  

We hope you have found this, the first, in our series of Holiday Shopping Guides helpful. 
What challenges have you encountered when Christmas shopping for an individual?
Even better add your own suggestions for the perfect gift.
 Can't wait to read your stories and ideas...

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Crafty Critter said...

Love the AF collection and tips. My husband and I are both geeks. :)