Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entwined Vines Mini Blog Update...

Tis the end of November.  Anyone who has been following our blog knows, Holiday Shopping Gift Guides ran wild and rampant throughout the month.  Definitely time for a change.

So December is going to be a light month.   I have no gift guides planned, and no scheduled topics to discuss this next month.     The  plan is to keep it light and fun, to provide a brain break from all of the holiday craziness, oops I meant festivities. 

So stay tuned to see what trouble we can come up with!  I meant frivolity, really I did, he he...

Have any thoughts feel free to share...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gifts for the Elementary School Child: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Handmade  holiday gifts for your elementary school children!   That says it all, the collection below includes some of the following:

1.)  Toys  --  well made ones that will spark the imagination.

2.)  Fun Clothes -- kids are hard on clothes at this age and they like fun characters.

3.)  A special blanket/quilt -- for sleep overs at their friend's house.

What are you ideas for the perfect gift for elementary school children!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gift Guide for the Preschool boy or girl: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Preschoolers are a lot of fun.  They are at a curious age and starting to show there independence in a big way.  If they have older siblings, they will try and mimic there actions and a lot of preschoolers think going off to school is fun.

But what to get them for Christmas.  Gifts can be a challenge as what they like from one day to the next can change.  Ok sometimes its one hour to the next, he he.  To help you out with gift ideas for the preschool age children in your life we have pulled together a collection of handmade items, for both boys and girls.

My top picks for the girls or boys:

1.)  Bean bag toss game.

2.) Personalized backpack.

3.)  Knit cap -- especially for boys, they  can never have enough hats.

4.) Literacy Library --- Learning is important, but shouldn't be boring.

What are your ideas for Christmas gifts for the preschool age child?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gift Guide for Toddler Age Children: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Toddler children are such fun to be around.  They are curious and into everything.  They want to help with whatever you are doing.   Christmas gift shopping is easy if your around them all the time.

My top picks for Holiday/Christmas gift ideas for them include:

1.)  A tie dye shirt -- every child should have one

2.)  Soft and squishy cars always good choice.  Whether they be boys or girls.  Girls like cars too.

3.)  A toddler backpack.

4.)  Aprons -- whether it be crafts, or helping you in the kitchen, they are going to make a mess.

5.)  Crayons with a fancy roll to store them in -- every child needs crayons!  Fostering creativity is important.  Of course as an artistic person I may be a bit biased  :-)

Handmade items will be cherished by both child and parent.  The parent for the thoughtfulness, the child because it won't break in a week or so and go to the gift graveyard of the bottom of the toy box and be forgotten.     Here is a collection of fun items to help you on your way to enjoying a handmade holiday.

What are your Christmas/Holiday gift ideas for Toddlers?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Guide for Infants & the Parents: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Infants need special Holiday Christmas gifts too.   Most of the time though the parents really appreciate a mixture of gifts for the new infant and keepsake items of baby's first Christmas.

Now if you  have been following our blog you have probably figured out a couple of things about us.
If you haven't the two items I am referring to are:

1.)  We avoid the malls at all possible

2.)  The personal touch of handmade gifts, is a preferred gift giving and receiving method.

Now you are probably asking yourself what could there possibly be in handmade for infants?

Well I am going to show you;    Below is collection of gift ideas for Infants that include soft plush items for baby, items that provide comfort for the infant as well as makes things easier for mom and keepsake mementos for the new parents.  We don't want to forget the parents, they have a hard job raising the next generation.   Have fun with your holiday shopping....

What is your top pick for a gift for a new infant at Christmas?