Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gift Guide for the Preschool boy or girl: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Preschoolers are a lot of fun.  They are at a curious age and starting to show there independence in a big way.  If they have older siblings, they will try and mimic there actions and a lot of preschoolers think going off to school is fun.

But what to get them for Christmas.  Gifts can be a challenge as what they like from one day to the next can change.  Ok sometimes its one hour to the next, he he.  To help you out with gift ideas for the preschool age children in your life we have pulled together a collection of handmade items, for both boys and girls.

My top picks for the girls or boys:

1.)  Bean bag toss game.

2.) Personalized backpack.

3.)  Knit cap -- especially for boys, they  can never have enough hats.

4.) Literacy Library --- Learning is important, but shouldn't be boring.

What are your ideas for Christmas gifts for the preschool age child?

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