Friday, November 19, 2010

Gift Guide Tips" What Women Want": EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Men if you are shopping for that special woman in your life, jewelry is perfect.
 This is what women want!!!
Personalize your jewelry choices by choosing pieces of unique handmade jewelry.  The women in your life will thank you and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
However, there are some guidelines that you need to think about before making your purchase:
1.)  Girlfriends --- Avoid purchasing rings unless you plan on proposing.   Rings imply a serious commitment.
2.)   Working Women --- A pretty watch is both practical and appeals to our love of jewelry.
3.)  Mom's --- with small children.  A pair of short earrings are the best route, as bracelets snag on everything that a mom of small children has on her to do list.  Necklaces, bust when small children pull on them.  Or worse it they try and chew on it, they become a choking hazard.
4.)  Mom's --- with older pre-teen and teenagers.  Your options are wide open.
5.)  Aunt's or Sister's ---  Bracelets are the best way to go.   We love bracelets, it is an item that is easy to match and usually doesn't require the perfect outfit to go with it.
6.)  Wives --- think romance.  A pretty silver flower necklace is the piece I included below to start you on your way.

Now you are probably wondering where to find handmade jewelry.   While there are lots of options, the simplest is shopping within an Artisan community.   Current technology has allowed Artisan commuities to grow and come together online and are easily found on the internet.   Artfire is our venue of choice.
 Below is a collection of artists from Artfire, that I selected items, that would fit any of the categories I spoke of above.   Happy Holiday Shopping.
Ladies, what do you think is the perfect gift?

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