Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide for Pre-Teen Girls: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Pre-teen girls tend to be difficult to shop for .  They are on that transitional cusp of becoming true teenagers.  Their tastes, likes, and dislikes change from one moment to the next.   They want to be entering and be treated like adults but they still have interests and likes that most do not consider traits of the true teenage mind.   This makes Gift shopping for Christmas a bit challenging.

What I have done to help you on your way and keep you from spending hours debating with yourself in the crowded malls (yes, I am all about avoiding the malls for gift shopping) is pulled together  a collection of handmade items that will appeal to most pre-teen girls. 

My top Christmas gift idea's for them:

1.)  A Journal  --  emotions, thoughts and ideas are running rampant, having someplace special to write them down will appeal to them.  Will help them organize their thoughts.

2.)  Jewelry --  it needs to be a piece of what some would call a transitional piece.  Something that will appeal to the little girl they still are, while being a grown up piece that will appeal to the side of them that is really wanting to move forward.

What Christmas holiday gift ideas do you have for pre-teen girls?

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