Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide for Teenager Girls: EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Christmas shopping for Teenage girl's is deceptively difficult.   Much like adult women, they have unique likes, desires, wants and needs.   The challenge is they are always re-inventing themselves.

You see the job of teenager's, besides driving their parents nuts, is to find themselves.   Try new things, see what they like and don't like, it is a time for them to figure out who they are, so they are constantly evolving and changing.   When it comes to Holiday gift giving for the teenager girl tread carefully.

To save you time and your sanity, I have pulled together a collection of handmade items to appeal to the teenage girl(s) in your life.  

My Top three picks for Teenage Girls are:

1.)  A Journal -- while not all girls journal, it is a good habit to learn.  It allows them a place to vent, cram ideas, random thoughts, and think things thru.  This is actually a good habit for them to develop and maintain thru out their life.

2.)  Lip Balm/personal care items -- Girls at this age are very into looks and taking care of themselves.

3.)  Jewelry  --   The type is really going to depend on the teenager in questions.

What are your gift ideas for the teenage girls in your life?

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