Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Gifts for our Grandmother's : EV Holiday Gift Guide Series 2010

Whether you know them as Grams, Grandma, Grandmother or Nana, they are special women who hold a special place in our hearts.   For that reason alone they deserve  to receive something special and unique as a gift anytime of year, but especially at the holidays.

Handmade holidays were designed by Grandmother's and they will love the fact that you have picked up on this endearing trademark of Christmas gift giving.   When we think of Grandmother's we tend to stumble over what to get them.  I mean seriously they have lived a lifetime, what could they possibly need.

Here are my suggested solutions to the age old problem of what to gift your Grandma with:

1.)  Shawls -- yes they are currently referred to as retro.  But a soft comfy handmade shawl in her favorite color is sure to please.

2.)  A magnifier --- Old age isn't any fun, especially when it effects the eyesight.  For those that need a bit of help,  how about a stylish magnifier that can be worn around the neck.

3.)  Large Bags.Purses --- Do not ask me to explain what it is with little old ladies and purses/bags that are larger than they are.  All of my grandmother's carried them and loved receiving new ones.

4.)  Jewelry ---  You may think of them as old, but they are women first.  And all women love jewelry, yes even your Grandmother.  So surprise here with a piece of handmade jewelry this year.

5.) Herbal Heating Pad --- A pretty herbal heating pad, to ease those aching joints on cold days.

6.)  Lip Balm/Body Powder --- are always good choices.

7.)  Kitchen towel/Apron --- For those Grandmother's whom still cook.  Don't know about you all but for me some of my fondest memories are of my Grandmother and I cooking together in the kitchen.

You will find all of the above items, in the collection below.   Hand selected items that I would have purchased for my Grandmother if she were still with us.   So surprise your own grandmother this year with handmade delights to brighten her day all year long.

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