Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Shopping for Women

Let's face it women can be hard to shop for, whether it be for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or Valentines' Day.  You would think with the variety of items available for us that it would be easy.

Alas, that is not the case, you see we are unique independent creatures.  With different likes, styles, tastes, and hobbies and we are constantly changing and evolving.  

A women's age, yes I used age and women in the same sentence, plays a factor in the perfect gift as well. 

You see a perfect Christmas gift for a new Mom, would not be a perfect gift for a Grandmother.  
A perfect gift for a married women, would not make a perfect gift for a single woman. 
Holiday gifts for wives, are going to depend on several factors, the biggest being do they have kids, no kids, are they now grandmother's, a career wife, a homemaker, etc.?
The perfect holiday gift for a wife is not going to be the same perfect gift for a girlfriend.  There are different intimacy levels, different expectations.

Don't forget that spa days and luxury spa baskets filled with products to use at home are not going to be the perfect holiday gift  for a women with allergies.  Or who has others living in the house with severe allergies to fragrances.  Perfume is also not an option for these particular women.

Now how about the other women in your life?  Sister's, Aunt's, daughter's & nieces to just name a few.  Each has there own unique set of desires, likes, needs and wants.

As you have probably figured out shopping for women in general can be a bit of a challenge.

To help you out, over the next week or so I will be creating different holiday gift giving guides for women based on some of the criteria listed above.  This is to help out anyone who struggles with gift giving or is simply looking for new ideas to spice things up for the women in their life this year.

I love to hear other's ideas on the perfect gift, share if you dare......

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