Thursday, December 16, 2010

Entwined Vines: The Year in Review and our Crowning Achievement

Entwined Vines, first nine (9) months in business, has been a roller coaster ride.   

We officially opened our studio doors on March 25, 2010.   Since then we have learned that there is a lot more to selling online than posting a picture and waiting for someone to buy it.

A few of the things we have learned:

1.)  The difference between action/nature photography and still product photography.

2.)  SEO  -- search engine optimization

3.)  New marketing and promotion skills.

4.)  New creative techniques

5.)  How to blog

We have learned so much this last year that we couldn't possibly list everything with our writing a short novel.
While the roller coaster has had its ups and downs, we are ending the year having accomplished our  crowning achievement for thisyear.

Drum Roll Please...

Final decision was reached and we were notified yesterday.  Our application was processed and we were accepted to be a vendor at

Portland Saturday Market.

We are so excited, this is the largest continual run open air market in the United States.  Our first day of vending will be Saturday March 5, 2011.

Share your highlights for 2010, so we can all celebrate together?

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