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Birthstones for January Birthday's

Birthday’s we all have them whether we acknowledge them or not. Regardless of your take on birthdays, each calendar month of the year has a specific birthstone associated with it. As you may or may not know, it really is dependent upon which list and which region you draw from for what the stone is going to be, which is why there is confusion. On top of that there is a gemstone associated with each of the Zodiac signs, which I will cover on a different day.

I take the lists with a grain of salt and recommend you do too. Each stone is as unique as each individual is. So choosing the stone that most closely corresponds with your personal character traits is perfectly acceptable. Though I am sure there are some purists out there whom would disagree with me.

Gemstone associations have evolved over the centuries, for various reasons. From ease of acquisition, to new stones found, to an attempt to standardize the list for jewelry sellers. For whatever reason the lists have changed over the years, I view them as a guide. A guide that will assist you in a search for the perfect birthday present to the perfect piece of jewelry that you are sure to wear for years to come.

Birthstones for the month of January:

Modern: Garnet

The modern birthstone list officially adopted in 1912, is the accepted list in the United States. This list was created by the American National Association of Jewelers.

Mystical: Emerald

Dating back to over one thousand years old, the Mystical birthstone list are of Tibetan origin.

Ayurvedic: Garnet

Indian medicine and beliefs dating back to 1500 B.C. is where the origins of the Ayurvedic birthstone list can be traced back to.

Italian: Jacinth

The Italian birthstone list, from what I could find in my research appears to be a list specific to the geographic location of Italy.

Russian: Hyacinth

The Russian birthstone list also appears to be specific to the geographic location. Information was limited on the origins of this list.

A bit about the stones:

Garnets ---

Are believed to provide protection for the wearer, aid one in healing, and lend both energy and strength.

Specific to those born in the month of January, the Garnet is believed to impart friendship, truth, purity, and faithfulness.

The traditional Metaphysical Properties of garnets are believed to be regeneration insight, commitment, removing negativity and awareness.


Are believed to bring the wearer loyalty and faithfulness in all of their relationships, especially friendships.

Metaphysically they are thought to assist with memory retention, clairvoyance and a deeper faith.

It is believed that emeralds have healing properties. Specifically in regards to eyes, fertility, easing of headaches and the spine.

Hyacinth & Jacinth

Are both referred to as Zircon. With colors ranging from brown, orange, yellow to a reddish-brown. While virtually the same stone, Jacinth is the older name and can be traced back farther in history.

Zircon is a common naturally occurring stone. Many people erroneously confuse it and refer to it as cubic zirconia. This is unfortunate since zircon is a natural stone; where as cubic zirconia is a man-made stone. Each with unique properties and composed of completely different materials. To be completely accurate Zircon is categorized as a mineral.

This is by no means a complete list of all the different birthstone charts that are out there. But it does give one a good basis for deciding how to choose a stone for someone whom is born in the month of January.

We work with a lot of different stones when creating our jewelry, as we find the infinite variety and uniqueness blends with our creative talent to create unique pieces of wearable art.

What is your favorite stone?

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