Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Random Thoughts on Books

Among all of are other interests, books and being able to read is within  the top 5 favorite things we enjoy.

Tina is currently reading "Drums of Autumn"  by Diana Gabaldon for pleasure.

She is also doing a lot of reading of Cookbooks.  While to some this may sound strange to others it won't.  Except in this case it is vitally important reading as both Tina and I are having to relearn how to cook without Gluten.   We both recently discovered we are allergic.  Thankfully, for me that is, there isn't an aspect of cooking Tina doesn't like and she is willing to share.   While I cook well, I don't enjoy that aspect nearly as much as I do the growing of the vegetables, herbs and fruit and of course the enjoyment of a good meal with even better friends.

A few places we (o.k. Tina)  have found on gluten free lifestyle information are:

glutenfreegirl on Twitter

Gluten-Free Girl on Facebook

Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

OK yep all three of the links are the same person, but we really like her writing and she is local, so we have access to the fresh foods she talks about...

We also are planning on trying our hand at curing our own meats this year, due to one of the things we found out is that a lot of meat cures have maltodexin in them, which is a gluten product.

It isn't a bad thing it just means lots of new food adventures for us!

Tammy (that's me) is not currently reading anything due to my insane corporate job work schedule.   But I have a stack of books that I received for Christmas that are sitting there waiting for me.   Ah, the warm fuzzy feeling of having books to read and the weather is perfect to curl of with a cup of tea to read.   Soon, it will happen soon, because I say so.

In my stack waiting for me is:

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, the first 6 books in the series  (I am working on acquiring them all).   If you haven't read this series you really, really should.  There are days I can so relate to the mishaps in Stephanie's life  and the men our fine.

Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, though in truth while a fun intense read, I enjoy them because of "Jenks".  Jenks is a  bloodthirsty pixie who is  an unheard of partner in the firm (Pixies don't usually count), a homeowner, a dad of 54 and doting husband.   Swears worse than a sailor and trucker combined and loyal to a fault.  Who couldn't love a pixie singing "The 12 Days of Pixie Christmas" which includes humans hiding, trolls in drag, french ticklers  and succubi.  Ok, Kim Harrison also weaves the story with unexpected twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing, so far all the way thru the series.

There is more in my stack, that I will save for a rainy day...

I am also reading a lot on computer programs right now, to teach myself how to better utilize my computer.   This is an attempt to streamline my time on the computer, so I have more free time for pleasure reading.   Dry reading but learning something new is always a joy.

Books are meant to be enjoyed and shared between friends, we do a lot of that, in case you couldn't tell.

Share with us some of your favorite books and authors, we are always looking for new books to read.

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