Monday, January 10, 2011

January -- Flower -- Carnation

Each calendar month of the year has dedicated flowers, and stones. Depending on how far back in history and which region you choose from depend on what appears on the lists. Occasionally they correspond exactly with the Zodiac sign that dominates the largest part of the calendar month. However, sometimes they do not, today is the first of a 12 part series exploring the calendar month designations of flowers, starting with January.

The birth flower for January is the Carnation.

Carnations date all the way back to Greek and Roman times. You will find it in art and decor from that era. The shades pale pink and peach were the predominant colors in early times. Down thru the ages, the palette of colors has been bred to include red, yellow, white, purple and even green. Even through so much change thru the ages, carnations have remained popular. This undiminished popularity of carnations is why you find them in so many pieces of art, as they provide a never ending amount of inspiration, regardless of the art form pursued.

Now, the scientific name for carnations is Dianthus caryophyllus, this roughly translates to mean the “flower of love” or the “flower of the gods”. It is a durable and delicate flower that appeals to women. Which is why with its feminine ruffled appearance and clove-like scent, its meaning is most commonly known as the flower of love.

However, you will also find the basic meaning of Carnations listed as love, fascination and distinction. Depending on how far you research or if you prefer the Victorian era meanings, they also have specific meanings based on colors.

While flower meanings date further back than the Victorian era, it is the Victorian era that really brought it into focus. Their love of creating nosegays for specific meanings, refined the flower meanings, to convey various messages, that due to the times people were not willing to voice out loud.

For Carnations, the colors meanings include:

*General meaning --- Fascination, Devoted Love.

*Pink --- Women’s love, I’ll never forget you.

*Red---Admiration, my heart aches for you.

*Deep Red or Blood Red---Alas! For my poor heart.


*White---Innocence, pure love, sweet, lovely.

*Yellow---Rejection, disappointment.

They also assigned meanings based on style of flower colors:

*Solid --- Yes

*Striped---Wish I could be with you, Sorry I can’t be with you, no, refusal

Colors and style of flower with multiple meanings were determined by the flowers added with them in the bouquets.

You may be asking yourself, what this has to do with creating jewelry, well that is easy actually. At Entwined Vines both Tina and I find so much of our inspiration in the great outdoors, that the need to share is like breathing. Something that is such a part of us that it seems natural for us to share and provides great ideas for those looking for gifts for loved ones with birthday’s in January.

What is your favorite flower?

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