Saturday, January 21, 2012

Portland Saturday Market in January!

Portland Saturday Market in January, you’re thinking yeah right, we know the market is closed for the entire month of January and February. Well think again. Yes, we are closed for in person visits; however, in late fall the market opened up for online sales.

Yep, you read that correctly. Portland Saturday Market vendors can now be found online. Not only a snippet of what the vendors sell, but it also allows you to shop in the off season. So if you are sitting at home bemoaning the fact you can’t get out in the weather. Are missing wandering through the market stalls to see the latest creations from your favorite artists, never fear we have resolved that issue for you. While we can’t do much about the weather being able to browse through the Portland Saturday Market vendor stalls online allows you a small measure of escape, while waiting for spring to return.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you are perusing.

1.) This is a brand new website for the Portland Saturday Market. Not all of the vendors are set up as I write this blog.

2.) Watch for website links. A number of vendors have had their own websites for years. And with time constraints, they are directing their online traffic to one studio for all purchases to occur in. I don’t know about the other artisan’s but here at Entwined Vines Jewelry, we set it up this way to ensure a fantastic buying experience for all of our online customers.

3.)  You can search by product type, but vendor name, and by category.
We, hope you stop by for a visit to the online stores and enjoy this new addition to the Portland Saturday Market experience. Don’t worry though the market will reopen as usual the first weekend of March.

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