Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dragon's Fire Creations ---

 Featured Artisan of the Week

                              Come join us in getting to know Dragon's Fire Creations:

When and how did you first become interested in crafting?

I've always enjoyed art class and things to do with creative thinking. So basically I've been interested in crafting and art my whole life.

How long have you been creating your chosen craft?

I have been creating jewelry since February of 2003 so it will be eight years very shortly.

What are your crafting influences?

My influences are nature and semi-precious stones. I also enjoy finding old jewelry to reuse and re-purpose. I especially love funky old pendants.

Does anyone in your family do a similar craft?

My friends started creating jewelry as well.

What kinds of places have you displayed your craft in your life?

I have displayed at Pagan festivals, street festivals, fundraisers, fashion shows and Art galleries. Mostly in Milwaukee Wisconsin and the Midwest.

 What else do you do besides create these beautiful pieces?

I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music and going to concerts. To make a living I rely on my phone communication skills and mostly do sales.

What is your favorite piece that you have created so far?

That's hard to say because their are so many. I would say my own personal piece I created with shells from an old bracelet and a tiger iron pendant.

Why did you make that piece?

I made it because my dad had given me the bracelet the shell came from when I was a little girl.

What does it take to create pieces like that?

All pieces take patience and creativity.

What is special about your pieces?

Every piece is one of a kind. Especially being that I use reused beads and pendants. If you have a necklace from me you can be sure it is the only one in the world.

What makes this kind of craft "good" to you?

I enjoy the stress reducing. Making something beautiful that someone can enjoy for years to come.
A selection of Dragon Treasure:

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