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Tiger's Eye Gemstone

Many ask where out inspiration for designs and creativity come from.   And while we draw heavily on our daily lives and the small miracles found through out, the great outdoors,  and the the small people in our lives.    Many times a medium to work with is enough.  

One such medium is stones, and while they all draw us we do have those that we are especially draw too.   For me none draw me more than the illustrious tiger's eye semi precious gemstones.  The luminous shimmer when caught in the right light, sparks the imagination, no matter how much of a creative block I have going on.  The stones beg to be played with and the pieces almost create themselves.  No I am not a loon, but you learn with any art form to listen with what you are working it.  This isn't a hearing listen, it is an instinctive listening.   Just like when dealing with people, listening is your best tool.

Let's get to know a bit about  the Tiger's eye semi precious gemstone, shall we...
Tigers Eye & Maroon Swarovski Pearl Earrings
Brown Tiger's Eye and Maroon Swarovski Pearl Earrings
Quick facts about tiger's eye:

      Referred to also as Tiger eye

      Tiger's eye is a variety of chatoyant.  It is a member in the quartz grouping

      Most common color is golden

      Has a changeable silky luster when the light hits it just right

      Due to the mineral content in this stone it is difficult to polish

      Typical colors include blue, red, brown and golden
Blue Tigers eye and Deep Gray Swarovski Pearl Necklace
Blue Tiger's Eye Necklace

Esoteric associations of tiger’s eye:

      Planet – Sun

      Zodiac – Capricorn

      Element – Fire and earth

      Chakras all tiger’s eye – Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

      Chakras an red tiger’s eye – Base Chakra
4 red tigers eye and sets of 3 hematite bracelet
Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Historical tidbit on tiger eye:

      History shows that Roman soldiers wore tiger's eye with protection symbols carved on the pieces, when they went into battle. It is believed they did this because they believed the tiger’s eye would offer them both protection and success in their battle campaigns.

Myth, Legend, and Folklore of tiger's eye:

      Lending Strength

      Strengthen personal convictions, desires & beliefs

      A stone of protection

      Brings good luck to the wearer

      Power to focus the mind

      Promotes mental clarity

      Assists with resolving problems objectively and unclouded by emotions

      Assists in dispelling fear and anxiety

      Imbues the wearer with willpower

      Releases tension

      Imparts confidence and courage

      Believed to lend strength to the wearer

      Strengthen one’s convictions

      Physic Protector

      Believed to create harmony in one’s life

      Is a great stone for keeping one’s self grounded
Copper Swarovski Pearls and Crystals with Tiger’s Eye Stones Necklace
Golden Tiger Eye Necklace
 Healing properties/Medicinal lore has it that tiger's eye gemstones were used:

      To treat the eyes and throat.

      Even was used to treat the reproductive organs.

      Believed to assist the body in the releasing of toxins.

      Alleviate general body aches and pains.

      Aid in the repair of broken bones.

      Strengthen the alignment of the spinal column

    Red Tiger’s Eye: is believed to be able to assist in

          o Overcoming lethargy

          o Increase a low sex drive

          o Speed up a slow metabolism

Tiger's Eye is a stone that draws upon the best qualities and traits of a Tiger. In essence this allows the wearer to absorb these traits into their personal being in order to derive the greatest benefit from the stones. I have always been drawn to tiger’s eye semi precious gemstones.

The three top traits that drew me to tiger’s eye are listed below. The first one being the initial trait that drew me and the last two are what keeps me returning to tiger’s eye, especially the patience. Whether it is to wear, just play with stones or create with.

A.) Determination: A tiger is totally determined to get what he wants and needs. To be successful in your endeavors you need to be determined and wearing the Tiger’s Eye will give you the calmness of mind to be determined. Learn from the tiger and allow the tigers eye gemstone to help maintain and increase your determination is all aspect of life and business.

B.) Focused: A tiger will stay focused on the object he desires for as long as it takes. In business, if we allow ourselves to lose focus, we allow our competition to gain a foothold and we miss opportunities to grow and increase our businesses. A tigers eye will keep you focused if you allow it to.

C.) Patience: A tiger can wait patiently for hours or even days until the right opportunity presents itself. In business and in life, patience is a virtue. Often we run head long into a project without doing the proper research or learning and we find ourselves having to backtrack. Allow the tiger eye to bring you clear thinking and insight in to the situation.
Double Red Tigers Eye, Yellow TigersEye, Jasper, Clay Goddess NecklaceBlack and Peridot colored wire combined with Tigers Eye Bracelet  
Tigers Eye Stone with Gold Crinkle Beads Bracelet Triple Tiggers Eye: Red and Yellow Necklace

What's your favorite gemstone?

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