Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Creations --- Character Earrings!

Sometimes are creative muse takes a hike, goes on vacation, deserts us to put it mildly.   While we do a variety of things to kick start and keep our creativity going, sometimes it is stepping back and having frivolous fun with our creating that recharges the batteries best.    Usually it is something simple that we play with elements and design that we have mastered, but add  a twist.   One of the funnest ways is to play with characters.  Take a peek at the results of the ceramic and lampwork creations turned into earrings...

Ceramic Little Yellow Duck Earrings

Dragon Head Earrings 

Asian Foo style Blue Dog Earrings

Blue spoted Lady Bug Earrings

Ceramic Purple and Yellow Butterfly Earrings

Red & White Lampwork Birds with Green Swarovski Crystals Earrings

Ceramic Glazed Skull Pirate Earrings

Ceramic Bees with Gold Tone Earrings

Ceramic Fire Truck/Engine Earrings

What techniques do you use when you have a creative block?

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