Thursday, March 17, 2011

Malachite Gemstone

Today’s stone is a green one of course because it is St Patrick’s Day!

Malachite while referred to primarily as a stone it is a combination of stone and mineral ore. A mixture of light and dark green which is usually displayed as either bands or spots depending on how cut. The different colors and design makes this a fun and versatile gemstone to work with. Malachite is listed as a semi precious gemstone.

Malachite is derived from the Greek malache which means green herb. It is also thought to be derived from the greek word malakos, which means soft. There doesn’t appear to be a clear path to trace back the origins of the name malachite.

There are different folklore beliefs surrounding malachite gemstones in regards to healing. Some stories say you should never use malachite for healing any ailment of the body. The reason being is that some cultures believe that malachite is a soul stone and reflects your inner self. With that reasoning the last thing you would want to do when ill is reflect your illness back to yourself, making yourself sicker than when you started.

Yet, other cultures embrace using malachite as an aid in healing. It is believed to assist with the functions of the pancreas and spleen and assist with dealing with vertigo. Reductions in physical pain, relief from stress and aid to healing the heart are just a few of the folklore beliefs surrounding the malachite gemstones.

Another benefit that is attributed to malachite is as a gemstone that will promote sound undisturbed sleep. Hmm, as an insomnia suffer I might give this one a try, I have tried everything else….lol

In the esoteric or magical realm and new agers all believe that malachite can be used to amplify your concentrations skills, promote peace and provide endurance to the wearer. It is a fantastic stone to unlock your creativity, aborb negativity in your surroundings and allow you to open your heart to others.

In addition there are those that believe malachite gemstones will enhance one’s ability to nurture life. I believe that this is due to green being so closely associated with living life. Everywhere you turn in nature you find natural greens in the form of plant life.

There are those that use malachite to balance and soothe the mind while promoting spiritual development. As well as clearing one’s concise of feelings of guilt over past

Please remember that this is folklore, and while fun; it is not meant to be used in place of sound medical advice.

Wedding anniversaries can be tricky to shop for, however for the 13th year; you cannot go wrong with malachite. It makes the perfect gift whether you choose a sculpture or a piece of jewelry. Let the gift be even more sincere by purchasing Folklore, Legend, and Healing Properties:

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