Saturday, March 12, 2011

Portland Saturday Market 3-12-11

Ectrance by the max tracks next to the fountain
Fountain by the Max Tracks entrance.

This  is the second of two fountains you can find at the Market.   This fountain is located at the end of Portland Saturday Market.   Right across the street from the fountain is the start of another street fair

Portland Saturday Market is so much fun.   While we had a rainier Saturday this week than last, it didn't deter either the shoppers or the fundraising parade that was happening.

We never did find out the official name of this fundraising parade that wound its way through the streets of Portland, OR.   But they sure were having a lot of fun with it.

  Naito parkway parade 3-12-11  on Naito parkway 3-12-11 parade  Naito parway 3-12-11 parade
  Unknown parade 3-12-11  waterfront parade 3-12-2011 on Naito  On 3-12-2011 on Naito parkway waterfront parade
Meeting other Artisans at Portland Saturday Market is so much fun, we have been talking the pros and cons of different selling venues.  One of our favorite Artisans is the Tie Dye lady, don't ask us her name as we never remember it.  She has had a booth for as long as either one of us can remember...

In the picture below you can see her booth there to the left.

portland saturday market front entrance shot
Random Market Picture

Here is a shot of the on site  headquarters, the brainchild if you will of Portland Saturday Market.   Check in, slot assignment, applications, credit cards are run, parking issues dealt with, it all happens here.  Without them we would be lost and so would everyone else.   They keep things running smoothly for both the vendors sanity and so shoppers have a pleasant experience.

Crosswalk information booth for protland saturday market
The Red Caboose
As happens with any outdoor market, we attract street musicians.  So far no complaints, they have been good and have actually enhanced the ambiance of Portland Saturday Market rather than detract from it.
southside crosswalk on naito  artisan street music

If you would like to see more pictures from our day at Portland Saturday Market, you can find them at:


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