Monday, March 21, 2011

Southern Forest Park

This last weekend was absolutely fantastic,  we had a great day at Portland Saturday Market.  And Sunday we spent hiking 11 miles thru Southern Forest Park.  Ok, it was only suppose to be 8 miles, but when the path doesn't match the map and an important turn is missed it adds miles of adventure to the day.

Southern Forest Park is the worlds largest park located in Portland, Oregon.

This is just one more fantastic reason to visit Portland, Oregon.  This park is less than 20 minutes from the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon.   Visually appealing without being out in the boonies, by most people's standards.   The trails we were on our used by local neighbors for jogs or short pleasant strolls.  It is only us true diehards that hike up and then down and up some more for a total of a 700 foot elevation changes with extremely muddy trails in the rain. 

Random shots from our day:

Wildwood Trail
We hiked the Wildwood Trail!

Muddy Trail
A good portion of the trail was like this.

Reminds me of a hidden cave dwelling
Reminds me of a hidden cave dwelling.

Animal track, unidentified
Can you identify the animal track?

Section of the Wildwood trail
A mud free section of the trail.

Fallen Tree on Trail
Yep, we hiked early enough the trail hadn't been cleared yet.

Micro waterfall
Even micro waterfalls are pretty.

Along the wildwood trail
Scenery along the trail.

We have albums posted in two spots as both Tina and I were taking pictures.
   You can find the albums at the following links:

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It was so much fun, can't wait for next months hike!

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