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Gardening Tools --- Part 2 Intermediate

This is the second part of gardening tools series and it is with the serious gardener in mind that the tools were chosen for this blog. Whether you are a hard core garden hobbyist or gardening as a way of life this list is for advanced gardening. While garden space will play a part in which tools you will need, remember to find the right fit for you as well as the best quality you can afford. There is nothing worse than having to replace a tool in the middle of a gardening project when you aren’t prepared of it.

1.) Shovel ---

A long wooden handled tool that traditionally has a broad scoop like blade, rounded on the edges, that is used for digging and moving dirt. They make them in different heights, so be sure to acquire one that is appropriate for your height, it will save the strain on your back.

You will also see ones with square blades on them, while not really applicable for gardening that I have found. They do make great shovels for snow.

2.) Spade ---

This tool is constructed with a long handled a sturdy blade so that it can withstand being stepped on when digging into the ground, for greater force. It has a sturdier blade and handle than a standard shovel to accommodate the extra torque.

This is another long handled tool that needs to be purchased with the correct length handle to accommodate your height properly.

3.) Hoe ---

Generally a long handled tool with a flat bladed edge. Used to loosen the soil and cut down weeds. It is a great tool for saving the back and getting to the weeds that grow in between the rows in a vegetable garden.

4.) Pruners ---

Is the name for a collection of tools that are used for cutting back branches on small bushes, berry vines, roses and so forth. I have several pairs of varying sizes and styles to accommodate a variety of uses. These are a tool that you will find take trial and error to find the best ones for you.

5.) Dibble ---

A short handled pointed tool for making holes in which to plant bulbs. Have to say I have never used one or even owed one. Then I am generally planting seeds rather than bulbs.

6.) Cultivator ---

A pronged tool used for cultivating the soil. I have found it works great for loosening the soil around weeds. It also works well on removing sections of plant life in an area you want to clear, yet are not interested in salvaging any of the plants.

7.) Fork--

This is a lifting or digging tool that usually has tines instead of a flat blade. This allows you to get in and under plant roots, to aerate the soil. And it is especially helpful to keep from damaging the roots when transplanting.

8.) Spreader ---

Is exactly what it sounds like, it is used to spread fertilizer or seeds. Generally it is used to spread them over a lawn. There are two types that I have used. One is a handheld hand crank, which works for small areas. The other is a push spreader which is more efficient when you have a large area to cover.

9.) Loppers/Lopping Shears ---

Are long handled pruners which are designed for larger branches too think for hand pruners. They also work great on smaller branches, which you cannot reach from the ground with your hand pruners.

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Do you have a favorite garden tool?

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