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Moonstone is a lovely semi precious gemstone. Very feminine in energy look and feel, which is too be expected as most associate the moon with feminine qualities and moonstone leans towards a milky white color. On the rare occasion you will also find semi precious moonstone in the colors of pale pink and even black.
Peridot Fresh Water Pearls with Moonstone Earrings in Silver

This enchanting gemstone belongs to a large mineral group in the feldspar family. Did you know that almost 2/3rds of the rocks on earth fall into the feldspar family? The most common moonstones is the mineral adularia which is a potassium aluminosilicate of gemstone quality. Moonstone is also referred to by a synonym, which is selenite. Selenite comes from the Greek word selene which means moon. In Greek history moonstone is associated with the goddess Diana.

You will also occasionally see the label Rainbow Moonstone. These are semi precious moonstones that have been formed from so many layers of colors pressed together that they have a rainbow effect when you look at them.

Legend has it that if you were to give your lover a necklace made of moonstone when the moon was full, your relationship would always have passion. You will hear this stone referred to as the lover’s stone by some.

Triple Moonstone Necklace

In folklore wearing a moonstone amulet was believed to protect those of a sensitive nature, while at the same time bringing good emotions to the wearer. Reuniting lovers who have quarreled was also thought to be a benefit of moonstone. While others consider the stone to be a good luck stone.

Moonstone Semi Precious Gemstones and Hematite Chip Earrings

Other attributes associated with moonstone include:

*Offering protection both on land and while at sea

*Enhancing inspiration

*Fostering happiness

*Assisting in foretelling the future

*Bringing good fortune to the wearer

*Enhances ones natural gracefulness

*Assists in soothing and balancing emotions

*Success in both business and love matters

*Giving a power boost to ones natural intuition

*To bring balance between the heart and mind

Red Coral and Moonstone Bracelet

Moonstone is a good stone to use while meditating to understand oneself. As it is believed to allow one to perceive that which a reflection of the wearer is, it is a very personal stone that neither detracts nor adds merely shows how it is.

Due to the personal nature of moonstone for the wearer it is a good stone to use while working on inner strength and growth of oneself. While traditionally considered a woman’s stone, men seeking to unlock there emotional self would benefit from working with moonstone during meditation.

Moonstones are generally harvested from the following locations.

*Sri Lanka

*Austrian Alps


*United States


The Greeks and Romans wore moonstone and associated it with their lunar gods and goddesses. The popularity of moonstone in the United States was at its height during the Art Nouveau movement. However the usage of moonstones dropped off in the mid 1920’s. We have seen in the last decade a resurgence of their popularity.

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