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Gardening Tools --- Part 3 Advanced

Gardening Tools --- Part 3 Advanced

This list of tools is for the hardcore gardening, whom is attempting to live a self sustaining lifestyle. Many of the tools I talk about here are not going to be relevant to the average gardener. Those with large pieces of land with find it more beneficial than those with smaller land lots. Others it may inspire to acquire larger land lots.

1.) Spading Fork ---

A fabulous tool that has wide tines that is reminiscent of a fork. It is very useful in the harvesting of potatoes and other root crops without damaging them. Works well for mixing in soil amendments as well.

2.) Tiller ---

A gas powered machine used to turn the soil of large spaces. Currently you can acquire large ones and smaller ones depending on size of the space you are tilling.

3.) Shredder ---

Is exactly what it sounds like, a machine that shreds soft stems and leaves, for faster mulching.

4.) Drill Hoe ---

A long or short handled tool with a triangular blade generally used to create furrows in which to plant seeds.

5.) Dutch Hoe ---

Is a long handled flat bladed hoe, however unlike a standard hoe it is designed to be pushed away from the user, versus towards the user like a traditional hoe. For the gardening I do, I have not found this style to be useful.

6.) Chipper ---

Depending on the size of the chipper turns small to large woody branches into mulch chips or bark dust size chips. Most of the ones you can purchase for home use chip them down for quicker mulching.

If you are not composting this is not a necessary tool. Most city’s have collection pick up community days for pick up of branches like this to be recycled.

7.) Poacher’s Spade ---

I love the name of this tool, because in my estimation all gardener’s at one time or another have poached a plant here and there. He he, ok seriously this is generally a short handled tool with a very narrow blade. Used to thin out plants in a crowed bed, without damaging the plants be removed or the neighboring plants they are leaving behind.

I have seen a few long handled ones, however they are not common. If you find your garden set up calls for a long handled one, talk to your local nursery about ordering one special for you. Or you could find an old time hardware store and see if they would be willing to swap out handles for you.

8.) Pruning saw ---

A manual saw with a very narrow blade and usually a wood handle that can be used to get into tight places. Very helpful for items with plants and small trees with dense growth patterns.

This completes my series on garden tools. Looking forward to starting my next gardening series for your enjoyment or is it my enjoyment.

Is there an aspect of gardening you would like to learn more about?

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