Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

It's Memorial Day, have you honored a fallen soldier today?

Memorial  Day is a United States of America holiday, created  to remember our fallen hero's.  Those men and women who gave there lives defending our country.  These men and women should be honored and held in high esteem for doing their service for our country.  Which allows us to maintain a peaceful existence and the right to freedoms.  The freedom of speech, dress, religion and the right to bear arms do not come free, we pay a high price for them in the loss of loved ones.   

Originally known as Decoration Day it was enacted after the American Civil War to honor both Union and Confederate fallen soldiers.   It was then extended after World War I to include fallen soldiers in all wars.  Yet, has remained on the last  Monday in May as the time to honor our fallen hero's.

While it is still honored today, many have either forgotten what the holiday was started for .  Or there are those who have expanded  on it as a time to visit all those they have lost, most especially loved ones lost in a war.   Either way it is time to remember that our fallen soldiers who have served a valid, honorable and brave service for us and our country.

Political beliefs should hold no sway in how the men and women of our armed services are remembered.  They are there to defend our borders and our rights.  If we don't agree  with the politics that put them in harms way, change it by getting involved and voting in different political representatives.  But do not dishonor the men and women of our armed services whom are doing the job they are given regardless of their own personal beliefs.  If they can set them aside to serve our country, then we should be equally respectful and set them aside to honor the men and women who believe in our system and way of life enough to put themselves in harms way day after day, so we may continue enjoying our way of life and those freedoms that come with that way of life.  

While we should honor these men and women year round, today it is especially important to stop our busy lives and take a moment to honor and remember those that have proudly served and then fallen in their patriotic service of our country.

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