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Ruth Nore --- Featured Artisan

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the talent behind RuthNoreDesigns

When and how did you first become interested in crafting?

Well that's a good question actually. I guess I have to say I've loved the arts and crafts ever since I was little. My Mother was a pottery major in college and an art teacher so I was constantly influenced by her love of art. I guess I inherited that from her. I honestly am not Happy unless I'm creating something.

How long have you been creating your chosen craft?

I actually dabbled a little with jewelry and beading when I was about 12 years old. My mom found this really neat book for me and bought some of the basics for me to play with. Honestly though I really didn't seriously start making jewelry until about 7 years ago. I kept getting frustrated when I wanted a specific necklace and could find it or afford the look. I kept telling myself that I could do that! So I finally decided I would and I've been addicted since.  Sewing on the other hand I really picked up in high school and I've been sewing ever since.

Royal blue and black Gothic romance cuff
Romantic Gothic Cuff

What are your crafting influences?

I'm influenced by a lot of things. I love colors and texture. I love the feel of fabrics and natural stones. Nature I think would have to be one of my bigger influences. Some of my favorite pieces have always been heavily influenced by nature. Though I have to say that past fashions have always been extremely interesting to me as well.

Does anyone in your family do a similar craft?

My mother's pretty much the only other artist in my family. She's pretty much a dabbler in all things art. She makes pottery, knits, paints, sculpts, draws and so on. But her real passions are pottery and oil painting. So I guess I'm the only jewelry artist and costume designer in my family.

Mint and Chocolate Bracelet
Mint and Chocolate Bracelet

What kinds of places have you displayed your craft in your life?

Well, I guess pretty much every where I go something that I've made is being displayed. I find it's very important, not to mention enjoyable, to wear what I made. I always wear jewelry that I've made and often I wear an accessory I've sewn as well.

What else do you do besides create these beautiful pieces?

 My main passion is creating. So I tend to bounce back and forth between different items. Occasionally, and I know every artist experiences this once in a while, I get creativity blocks. I have no inspiration and when I try to force myself to make something I'm never happy with the end product. So during those times I usually move on to something different. I am currently working on hand painted fairy wings. I'm very excited about them and they're turning out awesome! I also make feather hair accessories and hair bows for my 2 year old daughter.

What is your favorite piece that you have created so far?

One of my favorite pieces that I've created would have to be my Posieden's bride necklace on my etsy account. http://www.etsy.com/listing/37254730/poseidons-bride

Poseidon's Bride

Why did you make that piece?

I had actually had a very strange dream about the ocean. There were mermaids and some kind of event going on. So when I sat down later that day to work on some jewelry pieces I was inspired. I had all these different items that I had no idea what to use for. They just all seemed to click together!

What does it take to create pieces like that?

Well I guess it really takes inspiration firstly. Of course you'd have to have the know how, but all my favorite pieces have been inspired by something and have just seemed to magically fit together.

What is special about your pieces?

 All my items are very special. Each and every one of them is not only hand made by just me, but they're all made with love. I really have to love a piece for it to make the cut. Trust me, I've had to scrap more than a couple through out the years!

Forest green and gold satin flower clips-2

What makes this kind of craft "good" to you?

I really love jewelry making because it's a very versatile craft. There are so many different potential styles and designs. I can make jewelry that jeans and tshirt material or even jewelry worthy of a bride on her wedding day. I can make simple everyday pieces, to elaborate special occasion only. So I guess love it because it's very versatile and most of all It's something every one can enjoy so matter how young or old. No matter what there taste.

You can find more designs  at RuthNoreDesigns.
Turquoise Howlite drop earrings

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