Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring is here...

Can you believe it is May 2nd already?   It just doesn't seem possible.  As I sit here wondering where the year has gone and wonder why time seems to go faster now that we are older, than it did when we were a kid.    Yet, I stop and think of everything that we have accomplished so far this year and I am just amazed on both a personal and business level.

We have created 500 items and managed to list them all in our online boutique.

Portland Saturday Market started in March and we have been working like crazy.  Our booth set up is dialed in, we have been getting to know the other artisans as well as meeting lots of new people, who enjoy wandering through the market each weekend.

On a personal side the highlights have included birthdays being celebrated, heath issues resolved, house repairs done, continuing education classes started and completed with outstanding grades.   And we are still making a point of continuing to take our monthly hikes regardless of how busy we are.  Our hikes are one of the many ways we rejuvenate ourselves, so they are very important to us.

As we move from spring to early summer, we are looking forward to being outdoors even more.   Between vending at Portland Saturday Market, gardening, hiking and festivals, the coming months hold the promise of lots of inspiration and joy.   Not only from being outdoors, but also being able to spend time with friends and family.   This is definitely a time of year we look forward to, when it is easy to see, enjoy and express the joy of life.

Do you have a favorite pastime or time of year you enjoy more than others?

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