Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aventurine Gemstones

Green aventurine gemstones can be found in tones of earthy green from a softy pastel to a green so deep as to be almost black. Most often you will see specks within created by tiny particles of hematite or mica, often these specks sparkle to mimic flecks of gold. While my favorite is the green aventurine, you can also find it in peach, brown, and blue tones. 

Aventurine and amethyst stone earrings            5AV
Aventurine and Amethyst Earrings

As is the case with other gemstones there is legend, folklore and healing properties associated with aventurine gemstones. In today’s world there is a resurgence of these beliefs as societies and more importantly individuals strive to find balance and ways to improve their lives.

Aventurine is one of the few stones that had a man made stone prior to the gemstone being discovered. Legend has it that the name aventurine comes from the Italian word “per aventura” that means “by chance”. It is said that a glass worker first created the man made version when copper fillings accidentally fell into a container full of bright and sparkling molten glass. However, tools have been found containing the genuine gemstone aventurine, dating back almost 2.5 million years ago.

Coral, Citrine Chips, and Adventurine Chips Necklace
Coral, Citrine Chips and Aventruine Chips Necklace

Aventurine is good for all of these as it is believed to be a good luck stone. It is also thought to reduce stress, develop confidence, and increase ones imagination. It is also attributed to business success of the wearer and an increase in one’s monetary prosperity.

Sodalite and Aventurine stone earrings      SA1
Sodalite and Aventurine Earrings

Folklore attributes the capacity for bringing inner peace and calming a troubled mind to aventurine. Other healing properties associated with aventurine include:

• Balancing blood pressure

• Neutralizing the electromagnetic pollution

• Relieve bronchitis

• Reduce the effects of cardiovascular disease

• Shorten the length of time it takes wounds to heal

The Chakra’s it is associated with is the heart chakra. In this same vein it is believed to balance the male and female energies within one person.

Swarovski Pearls Coral Aventurine and Lampwork Bracelet
Swarovski Pearls, Coral, Aventurine and Lampwork Bracelet

Note: This is provided as information only. It is not to be considered sound medical advice. You should seek medical treatment from a professional for whatever ails you.

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