Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hematite Gemstone

Hematite gemstones is black to steel or silver-gray in color with a silver shimmer to it.   It is a very common mineral form of iron.  Color can also include brown to reddish brown depending on where it is mined from.

All gemstone qualities have trace amounts of iron in them, however hematite has the largest amount.  Magnetite is also a mineral found in hematite, which makes certain hematite's naturally magnetic.  While hematite is known to be harder than iron, it is more brittle and difficult to work with, which is why tools and such are usually made out of iron rather than the harder hematite.

Magnetic or regular hematite however when used in jewelry creates beautiful designs.  From the simple like this Triple Moonstone Necklace...

Triple moons in Double Sized Hematite Spacers Necklace

to the the more elaborate as in this pair of Natural Shell Hoop Earrings, where the magnetic hematite has been utilized as an accent piece rather than the focus of the piece.

Natural Shell Bead Hoop Earrings with Hematite Accents

It's name is derived from the Greek word haima, which means blood.  However, due to this you will occasionally hear it erroneously referred to as bloodstone.  True bloodstone is a member of the jasper family and has a different mineral makeup to it. 

Moonstone Semi Precious Gemstones and Hematite Chip Earrings
Moonstone and Hematite Chip Earrings

 In the metaphysical realm hematite has a long and interesting history.  Hematite is well known for it's healing and grounding properties.  In ancient times it was believed to create a protective field around anyone who wore or carried hematite on there person.   Also it it believed that hematite deflects negativity, which may account for the belief and visualization of shield around oneself.

Using hematite gemstones in meditation is a valuable asses,t as I can attest to personally.   The silver sheen most hematite has is reflective enough to make a focal object to look at while meditating.   I have done this with just the stone as well as using a candle placed nearby to reflect the flame as the focal point on the stone.   Which provides a different meditative state that using the direct flame as your focal point.  Both work well, it just depends on what you are attempting to achieve with your meditation session.

Due to the large iron content hematite is considered a male or man's stone.  
Don't let this stop you from wearing it ladies! 
You couldn't pay me enough to stop wearing hematite jewelry. 
Though you will notice hematite jewelry tends to be gender neutral,

Round Jasper Stones and Hematite Stone Chip Bracelet

Magnetic hematite gemstones are very well know for their healing properties.  This has been known and practiced throughout history.  The resurgence of their use for this purpose that happened several years ago making it a mainstream popular practice once again.   Magnets are believed to relieve aches and pains, by opening up the capillaries and increasing the blood flow.  Basically mimicking the equivalent of what would happen when you see a  massage therapist and have a massage.   This is informational only, see a doctor if you are in need of medical advice.

One word of caution that I ran across while looking for a new supplier of hematite this last week.  Magnetic or not Hematite gemstones should NEVER be worn by anyone with a pacemaker.  It has been proven that hematite interferes with the working of the pacemaker.

Coral Shell Beads and Hematite Semi Precious Gemstones Bracelet
Coral Shell Beads and Hematite Gemstone Bracelet

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