Thursday, June 2, 2011

Unakite Gemstone

Unakite is a lovely gemstone, with a variety of color hues to it, yet it should always include a hue of red as it is a combination stone.
Unakite and Swarovski Pearls Bracelet

It is also known as epidote, which is derived from the greek word epidosis. Epidosis translated means growing together. Which is very accurate, when most consider that Unakite is a combination of epidote and red jasper solidly bound together. Another accurate description includes that it is an altered form of granite, composed of pink orthoclase Feldspar, green Epidote and Clear Quartz. Both descriptions are accurate depending on the piece of unakite you are holding.

Unakite Chips with Fresh Water Pearls Bracelet

While both of the above descriptions are accurate there is a bit of an explanation needed to make this clear. The reason both descriptions are accurate is because unakite is a combination of stones. One of the gemstones being epidote, which is why the Greek translation is so accurate. The other stones you see are feldspar and granite. Jasper is in the feldspar family. Red jasper is the most common jasper found in unakite gemstones.

In the esoteric world unakite gemstones contain the following associations:

Chakras- Heart Chakra
Zodiac- Scorpio
Planet – Mars & Venus
Element – Fire & Water

It is also believed that the unakite gemstone is a stone of vision. Providing emotional balance with spirituality, it is believed to lift your spirits when you are feeling down. Unakite also can provide a person with grounding when needed. It facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. Some believe that is the stone that will assist you in seeing the beauty that is all around you in life.

Unakite and Dark Green Swarovski Pearls Bracelet

Medicinal folklore shows that unakite supports convalescence and recovery from major illness. It was and still is used to treat the reproductive system and stimulates healthy pregnancies while facilitating the health of the unborn. Unakite enhances weight gain, where required and aids the growth of skin tissue and hair. Please note this is informational only and not to be considered sound medical advice, if you are ill seek treatment from a licensed medical practitioner.

Double unakite with Bronze Fresh Water Pearls

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