Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthstones Other Than Gemstones

If your visiting for the first time, and looking for Birthstone information, we have been writing once a month on Monday's about the different birthstones based on calender month.   Today, though I going to talk about a birthstone list that isn't based on natural gemstones.  Once in a while a topic comes about because someone asks a question of us and this is how I ended up with today's topic.

Everyone has heard the term Crystal.  So what do you think of when you hear the word crystals?

For me it is natural crystal and that is solely because I have a passion for natural stones.   Yet, I have found much to my surprise I might add, that I enjoy designing pieces with Swarovski pieces, be it crystals or pearls. While I was shopping the other day I was talking to this young lady looking to buy a project to put together as a gift and in the midst of this conversation she asked why a package of glass crystals would have listed on it birthstone for the month of May.  

Now, I thought that was weird myself until I looked at the package.   It was a package of emerald colored Swarovski crystals, he he, now were getting somewere I thought.   At first I assumed it was based on color and while partly right it isn't random.   My Swarovski color wheel package had all 12 months listed on it. 

Swarovski crystals are a man made crystal, and I see no reason they can't be substituted.   We accept fresh water cultured pearls as the genuine article, even though they are man made because the process is started by someone forcing a particle into the clam, so they are not occurring in a natural cycle.  While it is a great debate on validity and tradition, it is something each individual has to decide for themselves.

When shopping, if you want something a bit different a bit more sparkly than some of the more traditional birthstone semi precious gems, I recommend shopping for Swarovski.

Scanned from a Swarovski Crystal Package I had purchased. 

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