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Citrine Gemstones

Citrine semi precious gemstones are any quartz that is found to be yellow or amber in color. Natural citrine is a rare find in nature. What you find on the market these days is generally a heat treated citrine. It is heated to a high temp in order to turn in the lovely golden color. This is generally accomplished with low grade specimens of inexpensive smoky quartz or amethyst. You can tell the heat treated citrine gemstones from natural citrine by the color of the gemstones. Natural citrine is usually a pale yellow, where as the heat treated citrine tends to have a reddish or orange caste to them.

Citrine chips and chunks with amber chips bracelet

You will also find on the market ametrine gemstones. It is a mixture of amethyst and half citrine and is created by turning the stone into citrine and then irradiating a portion of the gemstone back to an amethyst shade of color. This is often confusing for buyers as they are unsure if this is still a true gemstone or a manmade stone. The answer is yes, it is still a true gemstone however and it is no longer a natural gemstone, as it has been altered from its natural state.

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous suppliers out there who will pass off citrine as the more expensive orange-yellow topaz. Many potential citrine fanciers view citrine as a fake topaz and not a legitimate gemstone which confuses the issue even more.

Citrine Chips, Fresh Water Pearls, Square Jasper Gemstones Necklace

Folklore healing properties start with the belief that citrine can help with digestive and digestion problems. It is indicated that it will also help activate the thymus gland, improve vision and diminish growths.

Metaphysically citrine is great in connecting with your higher self during meditation. It is believed that citrine doesn’t hold negative energy. Stabilizing the emotions and calming of both frustrations and anger. It is a maintained belief that it will assist one in manifesting ones desires.

Double Citrine with Amber and Lampwork Necklace

Citrine clusters kept in a safe or cash box are said to assist in improving one’s income. It is believed that it not only attracts wealth, it will help one maintain wealth. Placing some in ones room it is believed to encourage a rest full good night’s sleep, by overcoming one’s nightmares.

These our folklore, myth and legend information on citrine gemstones is informational only.  It is not to be considered sound medical advice.  If you are ill seek medical advice from a professional.

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