Friday, August 5, 2011

Artisan's and Tutorials

You may think it odd that Artisan's who are selling their creations would create and share tutorials and that it would be counter productive to their business goals.  Really it isn't!   Here at Entwined Vines Jewelry we enjoy sharing what we know and have learned over the years.  Every one has to learn from someone somewhere, we did, experimentation will only teach you so much.  In addition it also allows potential customers, especially those we are unable to meet us person, to observe us creating our pieces, even if it is only a small part.

There are three main of tutorials you can do with a few simple steps.

1.)  Still pictures inserted between text instructions.   Such as we have done with our Viking Knit tutorials.

How to make Viking Knit part 1

How to make Viking Knit part 2

2.) Straight text instruction, sometimes with links.  This is my least favorite type of instruction, but has its place and can be very useful if done right.

Making Basic Ear Wires

3.)  Video Tutorial's -- this is the first one we have tried, we used YouTube to publish it.
Let us know what you think.

Swan Style Clasp Tutorial

Let us know what you think?  Is there anything in particular that you have been interested in finding instructions on?

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