Monday, August 8, 2011

August Birthstone's

If your birthday happens in August, your birthstone is the peridot gemstone, according to the modern birthstone list. Peridot derives its name from the Arabic word “faridat” which translated means gem. This seems appropriate to me as peridot is a lovely and vibrant yellow green gem that captures a glimpse of nature in August.

Several stories surround the creation of peridot. One such story comes from Hawaii, where they believe the peridot are tears shed by Pele, the volcano goddess.

Older birthstone lists include cultural lists, which are generally based on region. Polish and Arabic lists reflect Sardonyx. Additionally it is carnelian that is listed as the birthstone on the Hebrew, Italian and roman birthstone lists. While the list for Hindu reflects ruby as the birthstone for August.

Ayurvedic is a birthstone list that can be traced back to 1500 b.c.. This birthstone list has its orgins in the beliefs of Indian medicine. For August this list shows Sapphire as the birthstone.

The Mystical birthstone list indicates Diamond as the birthstone for August.

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