Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bronzite Gemstone

Bronzite gemstone is composed of a magnesium silicate compound and iron. Classified as part of the pyroxene family, and is mainly mineral. It is a dark stone and has a bronze sub metallic luster to it. It is a lovely stone that can create dramatic decorative pieces.

It is believed that Ancient Romans ground bronzite as an intern elixir to combat confusion and protect against mental illness. Due to the iron and bronze content of this stone ingesting it seems like a really, really bad idea to me, just my personal opinion.

Bronzite Viking Knit Necklace Choker

Folklore attributes with the ability to increase self esteem and inspire courtesy, acceptance and help. While at the same time boosting one’s self confidence and eliminating doubt and indecision. When feeling overwhelmed or powerless wear Bronzite as myth suggests it will ground and protect while restoring inner harmony and balance.

Lore from ancient cultures believed wearing bronzite would give you the courage of a thousand tigers. I have heard this for years, but have never been able to track down which cultures history this piece of lore came from.

Bronzite Stone and Viking Knit Woven in Deep Purple Wire Bracelet

In fact there is very little that I could find written  or otherwise about the Bronzite gemstone. All I know is, it is absolutely gorgeous if you are looking for a dramatic piece of art of jewelry.

***Medicinal information provided is for entertainment only. It is not meant as medical advice; if you are ill seek out professional medical advice.

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