Sunday, August 14, 2011

Top 5 Survival Tips for the Summer Gardener

We all know the summer months are difficult on your garden, but do not forget about taking care of yourself in your zeal to keep the garden alive. If we succumb to the heat are garden will suffer.

Top 5 Survival Tips for the Summer Gardener

1.) Your garden time. Be realistic with how much time you have available. Then look at the available time and is it a reasonable time for you to be working in the garden? If the majority of your free time is during the hottest part of the day, that isn’t a reasonable time to garden.

2.) Stay hydrated. It is too easy to get caught up in what you are doing and forget to drink fluids while working out in the garden. Even early in the morning when it is fairly cool, it is important. What works for me is I set a timer and every time it goes off, regardless of what I am in the middle of I stop and drink a full glass of water.

3.) No Guilt. Guilt over plants that die or weeds that don’t get pulled or because someone else doesn’t like how you have chosen to garden, let it go. It is your garden, your enjoyment and it should reflect both.

4.) Sun Protection. There is nothing worse than a sunburn to slow down your work in the garden. Be it a hat or sun screen, a long sleeve shirt to protect yourself from a sunburn. Having made this mistake I can tell you that if you burn badly enough, it will bring all gardening to a halt until you heal, which is no fun at all.

5.) The most important thing to remember during the summer months is to schedule time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It doesn’t matter what is left, gardening is generally done for enjoyment, if you don’t stop and enjoy the progress you have made, and you will stop enjoying the gardening. Where’s the fun in that?

Do you have any gardening tips to add?

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