Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garden Delights 9/4/11

Ah, the good ole days.....

"In the bad old days before recycling, a composting fanatic could easily get a couple of pickup loads of neatly bagged leaves each fall.   the neighbors were doing all the work.  Same thing in spring with grass clippings.

It was a composter's paradise!

Today I have to collect my own clippings---I mow more for the compost and mulch than for the lawn.  And I have to scythe huge amounts of weeds to layer with the clippings."

Jack Rattle, in National Gardening, March/April 1994


Tonya McDonel- TotallyToTheT said...

I have plenty of leaves for my compost piles. I am surrounded by woods on all sides. And I have chickens for black gold. ;)

Entwined Vines Jewelry said...

Tammy lives in the city proper and Tina is able to have chickens where she is at. But both of us would prefer to have more woods around us.

Being surrounded by woods would be our ideal, you are very fortunate Tonya.

Tonya McDonel- TotallyToTheT said...
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Tonya McDonel- TotallyToTheT said...

It took us a long time to end up in the right place. The last place we lived I couldn't have a compost pile or chickens! :(