Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rose Quartz Gemstones

Rose quartz semi precious gemstones are one of the most well known and most popular types of quartz on the market. It has a unique pink to reddish tone color gemstone that is unlike any other pink hued semi precious stone to be found. While generally to cloudy to cut this gemstone as you would a diamond, exceptional pieces can be found to create lovely pieces of jewelry or carvings with.

Known as the love stone, the rose quartz semi precious gemstone is said to help enhance the love in a marriage. It is also believed to impart a sense of self-worth especially when worn in the form of jewelry.

Rose Quartz Stone Bracelets

It is believed that rose quartz will help open ones heart to love and provide inner peace when it comes to matters pertaining to the heart. Helping to open ones heart allows rose quartz to aid one in learning to trust others again. Also it will assist in releasing pent up emotions.

Meditating while holding rose quartz it will assist you in purifying your emotions so that you are able to see things clearly in order to see a situation clearly.

Rose Quartz Gemstone and Viking Knit in Peacock Bracelet

History shows that the ancient Romans used rose quartz to cure breathing problems; As well as to relieve the pain of headaches.

Rose Quartz with Pink and Black Lampwork

Rose quartz semi precious gemstones are only one of many quartz varieties. Other varieties of quartz include but are not limited to amethyst, milky quartz, citrine, and smoky quartz.

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