Monday, September 12, 2011

September Birthstone

If you are born in the month of September your traditional birthstone is the sapphire. It can be any color sapphire, except for red and dark pink. Red and park pink gemstones with the mineral make up of sapphires are actually considered to be a different stone altogether that we all know as rubies.

Variations on birthstones for the month of September:

• Chrysolite is indicated as the birthstone on four different culturally historical birthstone lists. They include the Arabic, Russian, Italian and Hebrew lists.

• The Mystical birthstone list indicates agate gemstones for the month of September. This list is a 1000 years old and claims its origins in Tibet.

• Zircon is listed on the Hindu birthstone list.

• Moonstones are listed on the Ayurvedic birthstone list. This list dates back to 1500 B.C. and is from ancient India, specifically from Indian Medicine beliefs.

• Sardonyx is listed as the gemstone for the Polish and Roman birthstone lists.

The different birthstones lists are so subjective, I mean really some of these stones that are listed on the modern birthstone list were not available to all regions when the original lists were put together. Historically stones and gemstones and gems tended to be used in the area where they were mined. Today we have so many options in stones that are available to us. This leaves us with the advantage of being able to choose what we like the most.

Be aware when shopping for Sapphires that Sapphires can be man made in addition to naturally mined gemstones. It can be confusing, however two things to watch for a reputable dealer and price. Manmade sapphires should be significantly less expensive.

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