Monday, September 5, 2011

September -- Flower -- Aster/Morning Glory

September birthdays are graced with the Aster as the traditional birthday flower. Aster flowers come in a rich variety of color hues and have a very lush texture. There are around 600 different species of flowering plants that are classified as part of the aster family. Vibrant color and hardy varieties make them a hit with gardeners.

From an ancient Greek word that means star, is where the aster derives its name from. In ancient times the asters were a traditional flower to place on the graves of fallen soldiers. It has also been attributed with assisting one in remembering those that have gone before.

The star like flower head has led many to believe that the aster is an enchanted flower that has magical properties. It is also said to be a symbol of love, daintiness, patience, valor, faith, and wisdom.

While this aster is the traditional flower, the morning glory has also been listed as a choice for those born in September. The meaning of morning glory is awareness, affection, and vibrancy.

Morning glory is a unique flower, as it blooms in the morning and then the bloom dies in the afternoon, repeating each day thru the flowering cycle. Another remarkable tidbit about morning glory flowers is they cater to a wide variety of butterflies, insects, birds, bees, and hummingbirds as a food source. This is made possible by the wide saucer shaped flowers.

While aster are my favorite it is nice to have two choices when considering gifts for birthday’s.

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