Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shells in Jewelry

Shells have been a mainstay in jewelry making since the dawn of time. Jewelry artisans who incorporate sea shells into their designs are often most inspired by nature. While some take advantage of shells availability to shells from anywhere and others only work with shells. Shells come in a wide variety, just think of natural shapes and colors, with further options available if you don’t mind them being dyed. There is also the new process of shell beads. Shell beads are broken shells that are crushed and reformed, some left in there natural state while others are dyed.

Either way shells have always sparked the imaginations. Creating with shells can not only be seen in artisan jewelry designs but also many other mediums. They have inspired many a patterns you see on fabrics, murals, mosaics and so forth.

Enjoy a few of our shell creations:

Double Shell & Fresh Water Pearls Necklace
edited to fix misaligned photos 10/10/11

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