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Sodalite Gemstones

Sodalite gemstones are a lovely dark royal blue with white calcite veins running through in varying degrees. It is a mineral that was discovered in 1806 and is currently classified as a feldspathoid. While blue is the most common color, it can also be found in pink, green, grey, and yellow.

Sodalite Gemstones Bracelet

At times sodalite is confused with or compared to lapis lazuli. The easiest distinction to tell what gemstone you have is look for the gold pyrite flecks; sodalite does not contain the flecks. It is further distinguished by the veins of white, which you do not find in lapis lazuli gemstones.

Sodalite gemstones can be used for carvings. However, at times the quality of the stone will show how soft it is after an item is carved when the cracks show. The harder pockets of sodalite when they are found are used in jewelry; however it is still not a good idea to use sodalite in the making of rings.

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Folklore legend and myth surround sodalite as it does most gemstones. It is said that it will bring harmony, balance and inner peace to both the subconscious and conscious mind of those who are troubled. It is believed keeping sodalite in every room of one’s house will allow peace to flow all around you.

It is also said that because of the ability to balance both sides of the mind for cohesion and peace it is a great gemstone for creative types. All I know for sure is that if you like blue like I do you are sure to enjoy owning sodalite gemstones.

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