Monday, October 10, 2011

October Birthstone's

It’s your birthday this month yeah! The traditional birthstone for October is the opal. The general make up of this gemstone is a form of silica similar to quartz. Although opal is not a mineral it has a mineraloid form, while 3 to 21 percent of the weight in an opal is actually water. The normal content of water is usually somewhere in the range of 6 to 10 percent.

The natural structure on the inside of the opal does diffract the light creating a rainbow of colors. The content of water in each stone reflects the amount of refraction. While white and greens are the most common colors for opals, the more prized reds and blacks are a favorite of mine. Opals can also be found in orange, gray, yellow, magenta, blue, olive, brown, pink, slate, and rose.

Like other months on the calendar October has different stones as an option depending on which list you choose to follow. Be they the historical or cultural lists that are different.

Coral is listed on the historical list for the Hindu culture.

Coral, Citrine Chips, and Aventurine Chips Necklace

Beryl is listed on the cultural list for the Russian and Italian birthstones

Aquamarine is listed for roman, Hebrew, polish and Arabic cultural and historic lists.

By no means is this a complete compilation of the different lists that are available out there. However, it does illustrate the variety of stones out there and the need to take the lists with a grain of salt and choose the stone most appropriate to each individual.


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