Monday, October 3, 2011

October -- Flower -- Marigold

Marigolds are your flower if you were born in the month of October. Scientifically it is known as calendula. The Latin name marigold is derived from is calendar due it its long growing flowering season. While there are many varieties of marigold the most popular has a consistently blooming season that last from early spring until the first frost of fall.

There are many uses for marigold including cosmetic, medicinal, culinary and religious purposes. It is attributed with phenomenal healing properties for skin ailments. Most of the recipes are for softening and soothing skin conditions.

In cooking marigold is used as a substitute for saffron due to the golden hue of its flowers. It can be used in puddings, coloring cakes, broths and butters. I recommend caution before using this as a substitution for saffron as it should be harvested from a garden that has not had any chemicals used in it.

The Victorian era enhanced the meanings associated with flowers, even though it was a practice that was around long before that time. In the case of marigolds the general meaning is sacred affection, devoted love and fascination. For the appropriate occasion it is also known to represent sorrow.

Marigold flowers are bright and vibrant and make a great traditional birthday gift. Either as a plant or in a bouquet mixed with other flowers.

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