Friday, October 21, 2011

Orchids and Lilacs -- 2011 Fall Fashion Volume Two

Color is definetly in this fall's fashion line up according to Patone.  They have several luscious colors listed on their 2011 fall palette.  Today, I pulled together feminine items that drew from two different fall colors, but paired so nicely.   While I refer to this collection of items as "Orchids and Lilac"  this doesn't align with Patone exactly.   I pulled orchids in the literal sense and shades of lilac.

Patone refers to the two main colors as "honeysuckle" for the vivacious pinks and "phlox" for the deep purple tones.   The lighter hints of lilac are referred to as "orchid blush".    However, you choose to refer to the colors,  you will be the trendiest person around attired in these handmade items.  

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