Thursday, October 6, 2011

Worry Stones

Some days it amazes me how I come up with blog topics. Take today’s topic of worry stones, this came about because someone in one of the many forums I visit was looking for high quality worry stones to purchase for Christmas gifts and two other people asked what a worry stone was.

Up until that point I had assumed everyone knew what a worry stone was. However, as the conversation continued it became apparent that further research and explanation was needed on the topic. As someone indicated a strand of worry/prayer beads as an option, while very pretty, they are not a true worry stone.

A worry stone is simply a polished semi precious gemstone you carry with you and when feeling stressed or worried you palm it and run your fingers over it. It has also been known to be used to enhance concentration during mediation and provide a distraction in boring situations.

The original worry stone was not carved or shaped; it was simply a polished semi precious gemstone. It is typically referred to as a natural worry stone.

Carved worry stones with thumb impressions, not sure when they first started being carved that way as I was unable to locate the information and my local lapidary shops didn’t know either, yet they did know they can be traced back in history all the way to the ancient Greeks.

This type of worry stone is typically shaped in an oval, with a size of one and a half inches by one and a quarter inches with an indention in one side, typically the middle, but occasionally only on one end of the semi precious gemstone, while the other side is flat. While this is the typical size they can be smaller or larger. Typically these are referred to as a worry stone or a thumb stone.

When I learned to use my worry stone it was by holding it in my palm and repetitively running my thumb round and round the indention. There is nothing wrong with this, however others will indicate you should only use your thumb and index finger. Personally, I don’t really think it matters as long as it works for you.

Years ago when I misplaced my worry stone, and went hunting for another one all I could find were agate thumb stones. Which led me to believe, erroneously I might add, that all worry thumb stones were created from agate and that none were created with any other type of semi precious gemstones. Apparently that is not the case as I found a variety of semi precious gemstone options at Your Rock Store being used for worry thumb stones.

So there you have it the simple explanation of what a worry stone is.  Please note the thumb stone in the pictures is NOT for sale, it is mine that I have owned and been using for 20+ years. 

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